Friday, May 25, 2018

Walk The Dinosaur

Chris Pratt
"Open the door, get on the floor, Everybody walk the dinosaur" - Was (Not Was)

When I spied this photo of Chris Pratt posing with a Dinosaur to promote the latest Jurassic World opus - Fallen Kingdom in London, well I couldn't help but post it.

Oh, and BTW the reasons have nothing to do with the movie, of which I have no intention of seeing. First off the image is dynamic. Secondly Pratt looks cute in it. Third and most important of all it took me back to my youth in the 80's - 1988 to be exact when the group Was (Not Was) had a hit song called Walk The Dinosaur.

How's that for random, yet fun?! Trivia at it's finest.

What's that? Who walks a dinosaur? What a silly song, you say? Literal it was not euphemism it was, that's correct, Yoda taught me this in the 80's as well.

Mic Drop

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Michael's Musings

A Walking Study In Demonology
Michael Shinafelt
This is the week that was, and shall be forever and ever. Seven days in a life, seventy ways to do whatever you want.

Oh, it's time for me to bring it! R U ready?!?!

Having lost 43lbs. "Yes" I am down to 170, from 213. I have readjusted my goal weight from 165 to 163. Seriously who wants to say they have lost 48lbs, when they could say they lost 50?!

In case you didn't hear Prince Harry & Meghan Markle got hitched this past weekend

BTW - is your butt crack so numb you can't feel a string?

Sometimes you have to rebel and not get the F#ck out of bed

What ever you wouldn't do, name it after me

Entertain Me former Teen Idol fave Mike Clifford has something coming June 11th that will blow your collective nads off - 
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Just Because...Dirty Dog
52 & Fabulous!
Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields did a sizzling bikini layout, she's 52. That's correct minions Brooke and I have something in common. We are both 52 and our bodies are hot!

Why are there so many songs about _____ it's time to fill in the blank!

Got penis breath?

Just saw a byline that states: "Caitlyn Jenner Opens Up" - Thanks for that image, not!

Kevin Federline wants more child support from Britney Spears - Translation: I'm a deadbeat "Feed Me!"

Little boxes, discuss

Trader Joe's has a pepperoni pizza/mac & cheese bowl. File Under: things that make you wanna hurl

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining...
Stormy Daniels 
Today is Stormy Daniels Day in the city of West Hollywood, CA...Hooray! 
"The City of West Hollywood is proclaiming Wednesday as “Stormy Daniels Day,” and Mayor John Duran and members of the West Hollywood City Council will present the porn actress with the key to the city award.
The award will be presented to Daniels at 4 p.m. at Chi Chi LaRue, the erotic apparel shop at 8861 Santa Monica Blvd. Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford, also will be at Chi Chi LaRue from 7 to 9 p.m., promoting her TeamStormy t-shirt line.
Daniels, a porn performer, is famed for her claim that Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid her $130,000 in hush money to conceal her alleged sexual affair with Trump. Daniels has sued Trump, claiming that a non-disclosure agreement that Cohen made her sign is invalid because it does not include Trump’s signature.
In an announcement of the proclamation and award, the city said it is “recognizing her leadership in the #Resist movement. In these politically tumultuous times, Daniels has proven herself to be a profile in courage by speaking truth to power even under threats to her safety and extreme intimidation." Source:
Stormy on Twitter:

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Just Because...A Royal Wedding Portrait

What A Feeling!
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Just Because I love black and white photography, Just Because the magic still lingers & Just Because they make such a great pair - here is the official portrait of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle brought to you by the words Royal & Wedding.

You know I really don't have much to say about posting this, since I am probably one of the last individuals covering and commenting on pop culture to do so. 

This beautiful image speaks for itself. You don't need me to tell you my impressions of it, because I am betting mine are simpatico with yours.

Plain and simple this image evokes positive energy. That's something everyone needs right here, right now. So let's go with it - what a feeling!

Enjoy more Royal Wedding photos here:   

Monday, May 21, 2018

Smells Like Publicity Spirit

Feeling Blue?
Nikki Bella
When I first heard of the break-up of John Cena & Nikki Bella it made me a little sad. These two seem so tailor made for each other, and I am a fan of a happy ending.

It has since been revealed the reason for their parting of the ways is  her wanting to become a Mom and him not wanting to become a Dad. The latest season of their show Total Bellas premiered last night. Leading up to it John has been back paddling on all the talk shows he has been on promoting it by begging Bella to take him back and stating he will have children with her.

OK, I don't know about you, but this smells like one huge PR stunt to me at this point. No one who loves someone as much as he loves her would break-up over something like this in the first place, and then take it back, WTF?! 

If John really didn't want kids that badly he would not budge, period! I'm sure there will be a baby Cena/Bella bun in the oven in the not too distant future. Hope last night's ratings were the highest ever you two - just know you are not fooling this guy.

Total Bellas on the WWW at:‎

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Just Because...George & Amal Clooney

One Word: Wow!
Amal & George Clooney
Just Because it's the day after the Royal Wedding, Just Because it's Sunday Funday & Just Because they looked so amazing here are, IMHO the best dressed couple who attended the wedding of the century George & Amal Clooney.

"Wow" was the word that came to mind when Amal showed up in this stunning yellow number that complimented her to perfection. It was a bold choice of color and hot damn, she worked it!

She also had a great accessory by her side, her husband George, ya know that Clooney guy. Who wisely ditched traditional black formal wear and went with a tailored gray number that completed his wife's out of the box color choice to perfection.

What's that you say?! "Yes" I did see the actual wedding, it was lovely. Honestly, we all need someone to look at us the way Harry looks at Meghan, the love those two have for  one another is obvious. It was the perfect anecdote to all the hate going on in the world around us to be reminded that love can, and will conquer all.

On that note, Michael has left the building...

Check out more photos from the Royal Wedding by clicking on this link from the New York Times:

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Fairy Tales Do Come True!

Have To Believe We Are Magic
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
With all the heinous things happening in the world around us, it's nice to witness a real life Fairy Tale - Once upon a time....

Thus let's pop open a bottle of our finest bubbly and toast to the union or Prince Harry & Meghan Markle on this May 19th 2018!

For those of you who think this event is frivolous, you may want to re-think that position. For better of for worse this Royal Wedding matters on so many levels, politically and psychologically.

How so? Let me break it down for you.

On the political front you have two philanthropists getting hitched who, in lieu of wedding gifts gave a list of charities they would like their guests give donations to. Meghan Markle is biracial, while I am at loathe to make this a point since it is 2018 - sadly it is still significant. It's the uniting of two different countries, think about it, but not too hard.

Psychologically with what seems like weekly mass shootings happening and the general state of the planet,this reminds us the magic of love really does exist. We need the escapism and pageantry right here, right now. There hasn't been a Cinderella story like this since Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco.

"Yes" people today we are reminded that their is hope in the world and that Fairy Tales have the power to still come true when we choose love over hate. 

Congratulations to the happy couple.Let love rule!!!